Crunch Time

December 8th, 2013 | Uncategorized

I apologize it’s been awhile since my last blog, but its crunch time here at NUIG, also known as finals week…  Since I graduated in 2012, I had forgotten the feeling that goes around a college campus towards the end of a semester. I currently am one final away from completing my first semester of my international management masters program. It’s funny to see everyone on campus so stressed out and panicking about final exams, until you’re the one up at 3am frantically cramming as well. It really brought me back to my LaSalle days and the pressures involved with trying to balance school with basketball and coaching. But I enjoy staying busy and also pushing myself.


I felt really good about going into finals week because Chris and I were able to travel up to Belfast to join the rest of the scholars for a great Thanksgiving dinner with the SCL family. It was so awesome to be reunited with everyone again.  What made Thanksgiving dinner truly special was the video message that they projected in the restaurant of our families wishing us a Happy Thanksgiving.  I was so surprised and taken back by this sweet gesture. Imagine a video of your father on your motorcycle (that you miss so much), your twin sister in your bedroom stealing your clothes from your closet, little brother holding a basketball asking to play when you get back, your beautiful mother displaying the dining room table, and even your brother sending his love all the way from Colorado with his pups by his side. I cried. And if you know me, I usually don’t cry that easily. I loved every second of that video. It was icing on the cake for an amazing night.


The well wishes from my whole family on Thanksgiving, the generosity of the SCL family, the other victory scholars, my classmates, and friends have all been a huge help in supporting me during this period of crunch time. Just one Irish Economic Policy final to go until I’m free. THANK YOU!

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