Kubs for the win!!

December 14th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Our U17 Kubs girls beat Meteors today to advance to the next round of the cup!!


We have been working towards this game for weeks—basically the cup is a separate tournament to the conference finals that occurs throughout the season. To draw a crowd and to celebrate the holidays, Hugh brought Santa hats for everyone in the crowd! Our girls wear French plaits (braids) to all the games, and he managed to find hats that had braids on them…only in Dublin hahaha. The beauty of the cup is that everyone goes in with a 0-0 record; despite the Meteors scoring the first basket of the game, our girls ran them out of the gym. The entire game they were applying ball pressure and pushing it up the floor!


I am so proud of the effort and heart that they put into this match, and I am really looking forward to preparing for the next round after Christmas!


On that note, our team captain Katie got Shelby and I Christmas gifts. The gesture meant so much to us—thanks Katie! And speaking of Christmas, I leave tomorrow morning to go back to Boston to celebrate with my family and friends!!! Hard to say goodbye to everyone here, but no worries I’ll be back in a few weeks. 


Merry Christmas everyone!

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