“May the odds be ever in our favor.”

December 9th, 2013 | Uncategorized

I escaped my last semester of college with just one final, and now my masters is getting me back HARD. 5 exams, 4 days. I am happy to report that I just competed 2 exams today, and unfortunately have no feeling in my right hand. When we were little, we would hold a pen in our fist really tight and then take the pen away and not be able to move your hand—that’s how I feel.  Im not sure what exactly I do with my pinky when I’m writing, but that’s the worst of all—its still in a cramped position.


Exams here are not like they are in the states, however. No, no. You go–with 500 other students of all disciplines and ages–to an exam hall. Today my first exam was in the main hall, ie the basketball gym. You wait outside until about 10 minutes before, where everyone increases their anxiety by chatting about this that and the other thing relating to exams, find your seat number, and sit and wait before the exams begin. Oh and then halfway through there was a firealarm–making sure we can perform underpressure. It was definetly an experience! Talk about an interesting operations management strategy!


Thankfully, I have training tonight to provide some stress relief before getting after the next three! And of course Thursday, once im done with my exams, I’ll enjoy a long afternoon of coaching my Kubs ladies, followed by a charity 3-3 tournament with my Meteors coach!


As Shelby so nicely tweeted this morning, “May the odds be ever in our favor.” But, knowing us, we make our own luck so I’m sure we will be just fine 😉 

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