Mission 19: The Best Christmas Present Ever

December 30th, 2013 | Uncategorized

As you get older Christmas is more about family time, than getting presents under the tree. I say that to say that I am blessed; to have everything that I ever wanted, and wasn’t expecting to get too much for Christmas. Well, I got a watch and not just any watch at that, but a watch that could possibly change the world. The 1: Face Watch has the power to feed a child, quench a thirst, find a cure and so much more. There are 8 different color watches and what makes them so unique is that each color watch represents a different cause, and after purchasing one it gives back to that cause. 

Silver watch represents Hunger, and after purchasing: 1 watch = 16 meals.

Red watch represents Aids, and after purchasing: 1 watch = Aids treatment for 8 people.

Red & White watch represents Red Cross, and after purchasing: 1 watch = Food for 3 disaster victims.

White & Yellow watch represents Water, and after purchasing: 4 watches = Lifetime of water for 1 person.

Pink watch represents Breast Cancer, and after purchasing: 9 watches = A Mammogram.

Gold watch represents Education, and after purchasing: 5 watches = 1 year of education.

Blue watch represents Environment, and after purchasing: 3 watches = 1 Charcoal Efficient Stove.

The 8th watch is the Black one which I received. The Black watch represents Cancer and works with the American Cancer Society which helps spread cancer awareness by providing programs, treatment, and research to help find a cure for the world’s most lethal disease. My mom presented me (and my boyfriend and my twin brother) the watch in memory of my grandfather who passed away due to Prostate Cancer. Although he wasn’t with us on Christmas his memory will live on every time, I look at the watch. I could not have asked for a better gift.

Check it out for yourself


Happy New Year!

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