So Fresh

December 4th, 2013 | Uncategorized

Well my girl’s pulled 2nd place at the Fresher’s tournament this past weekend. It was in Carlow and I am so proud of them. I had a game, so I couldn’t coach them but I was supporting them in spirit.


I thought back to when I was a freshman in college. It wasn’t too long ago, but I remembered what it felt like when someone encouraged me. I tell them that confidence is the key to overcoming any fear or anxiety. Coach Clark, my head coach at NSU, used to tell us, “if you mess up during a play, just act like you know what you’re doing because the other team doesn’t know you messed up.” That is exactly what I told my girls, just play through it, and as Coach Gordon would say, “have a short memory because when they play is over, it is over, so try and get it back on D.”


The night before they left, we had a team gathering and watched The Late Late Toy Show; and in my best Irish accent, it was class! I absolutely enjoyed every moment and spending that time, before they went down to the tournament, was important for me. I wanted to show them that I care and no matter how they performed, I believed in them.


The mission now is to raise 2,000 Euro to cover expenses for the year. Since my 12U team’s bake sale went so well, I figured we could do one too! If they can do it, then so can the college team. We will all have to pull up our sleeves and get to work baking and brainstorming more ideas. They must not know, I’m the queen of fundraisers. 

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