AXA Raheny 5

January 21st, 2014 | Uncategorized

I completely forgot to tell you about my plans for this weekend in my last blog post! Some of you may know, and some of you may not, one of my favorite stress-relievers/pass-times/workouts is running. I really got into it following the season last spring and participated in a good few races over the course of Summer 2013.

In my New Year’s post, I mentioned one of my goals for the year being 1000 miles in a calendar year. Although I didn’t start on the 1st of January (I began Christmas Day), I am well on my way to the goal, logging just over 80 miles to date. As a little check-up to see my progress, as well as fulfill one of my goals to run a road race while in Ireland, I decided to enter a race this weekend.

While I would have preferred it to be a 5k, as that tends to be my favorite racing distance, I went for a 5 mile. Sunday afternoon you can catch me at the 30th Annual AXA Raheny 5. I am a little nervous about the distance, but I am confident that I can get it done. I ran a 10k last April with far fewer training under my belt, so I know the distance can be done.

I am looking forward to chatting up a few Irish runners and hopefully making some new friends. Last year there were over 2,500 participants despite less than desirable weather conditions. I will be sure to keep you updated on how it goes!

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