Back in Session at UL!

January 31st, 2014 | Uncategorized

Classes are back in session! People are finally back on campus! Soccer practice with the UL Women’s team is up and running again (thank God). I have been back at UL for a few weeks before classes, coaching, and soccer started, while my stellar roommate, Marian, and the Arsenal coaches I work with were in South Africa for separate reasons (at least Marian’s back!). But I don’t think I can adequately express how happy I am to get the ball rolling again.


So far, I have had three of my four classes this semester and I know the rest of my MSc classmates will agree with me in saying that we are looking forward to this semester’s projects. In one of our classes, we are doing an ethnography involving different participants in Limerick’s City of Culture 2014. I feel seriously lucky that we have the opportunity to do a project on this cultural event because it will be a productive excuse to get to know the city I live in a little more. A few of my classmates and I already bought tickets to see Fuerza Burta, one of the acts that Limerick is hosting in March, and we’re all really looking forward to that one.


Things are only just starting back up here in UL, but from the soccer playoffs kicking off in the next few weeks, to beginning mentoring sessions in schools with Marian next week, this semester will be in full swing in no time. My friend James and I are even starting Crossfit next week, a little taste of home in Ireland! Looking forward to being in immense pain for the month of February. I’m off to my last class of the week, until next time!

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