Back to The Lab

January 27th, 2014 | Uncategorized

This weekend was a learning experience for myself and the Junior Elks. Friday I thought we had a great training session. All the girls were focused and ready for our big game on Sunday However, we took a tough overtime loss on Sunday. Even though we lost, Coach Brittney and I were very pleased and proud of the effort the girls played with. Like my college coach, Coach Brooks always said “You can’t coach effort”! Thats something we never have to worry about with our girls. They always play with alot of effort.


This was the first experience for us in losing a close game. We normally find a way to win the close games. Alot of little things that we normally take care of we lost sight of in the game such as making free throws and rebounding. So you know what we will be doing at our next training session? Thats right you guessed it free throws and rebounding drills! So “Back to the Lab” we go Friday!




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