January 9th, 2014 | Uncategorized

Well I’ve been back a couple days so far and have been looking forward to seeing the lads from West Belfast for our #Ehoops session. This week kind of took a different route.

We started off with ping pong. At first nobody really wanted to play so I got one of the guys to break the ice and have a game of ping pong with me. He told me he wasn’t very good, but come to find out he was very good! Classic Bluff! However, I had them flashback to the last session when they were struggling a bit with basketball then they got adjusted and made some improvements. I did the same and gave them a little competition towards the end.

The last hour we played football (soccer). Mind you it was freezing outside but that didn’t stop the lads from wanting to play. I kept my sweats and hoody on while we played a match. I ended up scoring twice (My bruhdah Travis back home would be proud). But the real joy was to see them working together and playing with such passion as if it were a real game.


Looking forward to the next session with the lads

#SCL #Inspire #Victory

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