No Place Like Home

January 7th, 2014 | Uncategorized

I spent a couple weeks at home over the holiday season. I got up to alot during my time home. I got to see all of my family and friends. Even though I have been gone for a while as soon as I got back its like we never missed a beat!


It was great to catch a game at my Alma Mater Bowie State while I was home. I can’t lie I definitely miss the college basketball atmosphere. I always check up on them but it was good to see my coaches, the adminstration, and teammates. Little did I know they were keeping up with me through my blogs as well.


My highschool team had a couple games that I got to check out. Coach T, the athletic director, gave me a wee shoutout before the game to welcome me back. As you can see I can’t stay away from basketball.


However aside from checking out some games, spending time with my family at home was great. There is really no place like home with some great home cooked meals. But it wasn’t really all that sweet. My parents put me to work, I had to cook a couple times.


My cousin Chad came back in town a day after I returned. When I picked him up as I was leaving the parking lot, I proceeded to drive on the left side of the road! He calmly says “Aye bob, you know you on the wrong side of the road”. I’ve really adjusted to the Irish life!


Last but not least it was good to get to church at FBCG. I have to settle to watching online while I’m away, but to be back there in person was great. Pastor Jenkins delivered good messages that really hit me.


After this refreshing trip home, its a new year but the same grind continues! Back to changing lifes!


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