Passion Changes Lives

January 21st, 2014 | Uncategorized

Tonight I went to see Joshua Bell perform at the National Concert Hall with one of my amazing teammates, Susan. Now for those of you not familiar with Joshua Bell (no relation to Drake Bell from Nickelodeon), he is a world-renowned violinist and conductor. Honestly, before today I was not familiar with the name. Chances are, however, you’ve seen the viral video of the violinist playing in a Washington, D.C. metro station who receives very few glances, even though he had performed a sold out show, tickets selling for no less than $100, the night before on his $3.5 million violin. Yeah, that’s him.


I have been to very few concerts of this type in my life, but I was able to appreciate the talent of Joshua and the accompanying orchestra. As we watched them perform, I was overwhelmed by the passion they invested into every careful note.


I have spent my life wrapped up in the basketball world. Basketball has changed my life, and I now use it as a mechanism to change the lives of others. But wow, tonight I realized that it’s not sports that change lives. It is the passion we develop through sports that teach us the numerous values that shape our person. And that passion is not just from sports. It comes from music, acting, Scouts, dance, art, science…

Whatever our stage, it is the process of committing oneself completely to set and follow dreams, learning each step along the way. His performance has inspired me to continue to develop my passions, and I hope I can pass that on to you. 




Thank you Sue for a much needed and refreshing night out!! xx 

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