Riverdance and a Win!

January 27th, 2014 | Uncategorized

For as long as I can remember, the sound of Irish music has always put a smile on my face. Both sides of my family come from very Irish backgrounds, so growing up we have always loved all things Irish.  It was because of this all of the kids in the family started Irish dancing at an early age.  We used to have a teacher come to one of the cousins’ houses, and we all had to practice our Irish dancing together.  We all had to promise we wouldn’t tell our friends the boys were partaking in this (something we still laugh about!). It was something that always brought us together, and memories that I will never forget. I continued my Irish dancing until my teens, dancing in many of the St. Patrick’s Day Parades, as well as some competitions. I used to be mesmerized watching the older kids dance, in their beautiful dresses and their big, curly wigs, all moving with such precision and beauty, never missing a beat. 


Basketball soon took over this dream, but this past weekend I was brought back to feeling like a kid again when I was fortunate enough to see Riverdance performed live at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast. Lets just say years later, I am still absolutely mesmerized by these performers.

I loved everything about it, the way they all moved as one team, the dresses, the curly hair and the sound of some incredible Irish music. The performers were brilliant. The speed and the precision of the dancers were incredible. The whole crowd sat quiet the whole time; captivated by the performance they were seeing.  At the end, the whole crowd gave them a well-deserved standing ovation.  Needless to say, if anyone ever has the chance to see this live, I would highly recommend going! It will not disappoint you.


To top off the weekend, our U18 Elks team came up with a big win. I’m so proud of how far this team has come this year. We have girls who never spoke up on the court, and girls who never even thought about boxing out, and to see them out there communicating and making a conscious effort to get their body into someone and get a rebound makes me so proud, and really makes coaching worth it! Hope everyone had just as great of a weekend!


Also, special congrats to Chris and Marian who both made SCL proud this weekend competing in the National Cup! So happy for you guys!

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