“Sick” Reunion

January 9th, 2014 | Uncategorized

It wasn’t the best beginning to my trip home when I started to get a migraine on the plane ride. I was hoping it would go away with some medicine but things only started to get worse when my Dad and Brother picked me up from the airport. I was so excited to see them because I hadn’t seen my brother in over a year since he left for the Army. It was definitely hard to show my joy though because it felt like a brick was repeatedly hitting me in the head! It turned out I had the flu and the next 8 days would be a lot of relaxing and not eating. Even though I was sick, my entire family was home at the same time and this was very special to me. As we’ve gotten older it’s been hard to get us all together and this was the first time in a few years that we got to all be together for the holidays. When I was sick, I was lucky enough to have my girlfriend come to the house and she and my mom basically took care of me and dealt with my mood swings for the next week or so (God Bless them). On top of that, a couple of my siblings and friends were sick so we had to wait until we all felt better to even see each other. It wasn’t exactly the homecoming or start I was expecting but it all turned out well when I got to see all my loved ones and my best friends. 

I felt fine again in time for Christmas and that was one of the most important things. This allowed me to eat as much food as I wanted and I was easily taking advantage of that! After Christmas I drove down to Boston to stay with my girlfriends family for a while and see a bunch of my teammates that still played at Stonehill. It was great to get back in the Stonehill gym and weightroom again and see the players and coaching staff. I wasn’t able to see a game but I got to see them practice for awhile. New Years Eve in Boston was also amazing. It was a great ending to the holidays because my friends and I rented a few hotel rooms and were able to get a night out in Boston with all my closest friends. Even with being sick for the first week I was able to have an amazing time at home and see everyone that I wanted to see!  I couldn’t have asked for a better holiday season at home (besides the whole sick thing) and I can’t wait to see my friends  and family again! 


I’ll update you all soon on our arrivals back in Belfast so stay tuned!



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