The Early Favorite

January 28th, 2014 | Uncategorized

My second semester of Grad School has begun. My first class was Strategic Sports Marketing. Although this is the only class that I have been to thus far I can tell it will be my favorite already. The ratio from student to teacher is 8:1. This hands on experience should be very challengeing to say the least, but I am up for it! I love how the classes here are so diverse. Not only is the class size small but it is very diverse. We have 3 people from here in Ireland, 2 Canadians, Ben from London, Yohann from France, along with me the only American in the class.


There were so many organizations back home that I thought of during class that could benefit from some of the things we discussed in class. Which happened to be one of our coursework assignments. I am anxious to get started.


My next class is Thursday, so we will see if the other two classes can compete with my early favorite class so far, Strategic Sports Marketing! I’ll keep you updated!!



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