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February 1st, 2014 | Uncategorized

Losing to Glanmire for the Cup Final hurt, but watching the film and having a team meeting shortly after helped us learn from our loss. Personally, hearing the commentator say I was from Norfolk State University and representing the Sport Changes Life Organization further solidified my belief that there is more to basketball than 1st or 2nd place. Sure, every team wants to win and we all wanted to be the ones cheering after the Cup Final, but more importantly it is about the journey, experiences and a lifetime friendships.


Our team motto is “Live Life, Give Life”, and for me that means living purposefully to help not only yourself, but also others and to literally change lives. Sport Changes Life fits in with this because youth in the program get to experience sport and see how it can positively impact their lives. They also get to interact with some exemplary scholars, who are one-of-a-kind role models.


As a scholar, I enjoy coaching and talking to my players about all aspects of their lives, not just sports. It is about making a lasting difference and I feel more connected to the girls with each practice and game. Coaching has been a learning experience and a life-changing one too. As soon as I arrived to practice the girls were yelling, “We missed you Marian!” I missed them too and I truly wished they knew just how much they impact my life. It is like having a bunch of little sisters and it is my job to show them the way.


Lastly, I would like to wish a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom, Keia Brooks. Today is her day and I hope she enjoys the edible arrangement I sent to the house!

Spread the love and Live Life, Give Life folks…

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