February 12th, 2014 | Uncategorized

Motivation is a word that applies to everything that we do in life. Whatever it is that we decide to do, any choice that we make, there is something motivating or persuading us to do so. When people wake up for work in the morning, they obviously don’t want to get up that early five days a week, but there are factors that are motivating them to do so, whatever those may be. In terms of sports and specifically basketball, I always had the motivation to get better and become the best I could be. At every level I played at, I found something that made me want to improve or I set goals so I had something to strive for and reach. If anyone would try and compare me to someone in my grade then I made sure I improved drastically in the areas I needed to so that comparison wouldn’t happen the following year. There is always something you can do that helps separate you from the pack. These are the same principles that we try to teach the kids we work with in Northern Ireland. It may not be through sports, but whatever it is that you love to do and enjoy, continue to find something that motivates you to stay with and improve in that sport/hobby. Whether the motivation is to make money, be the best you can be at a sport, or just overall better your life, there should always be something or someone there to help push you to keep improving and growing!


Looking forward to motivating in tonights #EHOOPS session with the lads!



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