February 11th, 2014 | Uncategorized

The West Belfast #eHoops group is making strides toward success! Each week I see a change in the young lads attitudes. They are trying out the new sport activities we have for them with 100% effort! I personally liked the cycling session seeing them out of breath struggling but still pushing to finish the cycle.


The last couple weeks we have been talking about who inspires us and why. A lot of them chose their favorite soccer player because they are “class”. As we got deeper in the topic they know the soccer stars do not become “class” over night. It is a lot of hard work and dedication!


We are challengeing them to take the next step in the right direction to reach their goals. Remembering that it does not happen over night, but continue to take strides and keep pushing like they did in the cycling session.


Our next session Wednesday night should be fun!

#SCL #Inspire #Victory


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