Super Bowl Sunday

February 4th, 2014 | Uncategorized

It was pretty interesting watching the biggest American sporting event of the year in another country. I was able to view the game at one of the few pubs that was showing the event in Galway after returning from my basketball match in Kerry. It was so much fun and to my surprise there was a very large turnout. There were an array of American football jerseys and the atmosphere was great. The only downside of the TV broadcast of the game was that they didn’t show any of the commercials! 

Everyone became quiet and the volume was turned up as America The Beautiful and the Star Spangled Banner were performed and I immediately got the chills. It may sound corny but it gave me a sense of pride to be across the world where locals were so enthralled about a game that is so important to Americans. I know that I would be watching this game with my family and friends at home and probably wouldn’t think twice about hearing the national anthem. But in this context it meant so much more to me. It’s funny to think that having time away and being deprived of things actually makes you appreciate them that much more.

That moment made me appreciative of the opportunity I have to experience life in another part of the world and at the same time made me proud of where I come from. It also brought to light the main concept of what I’m doing here in Ireland. “Sport Changes Life,” I believe this is true in many different aspects. Whether you’re influencing children by encouraging them through sport or simply bonding together while watching the Superbowl, both are bringing people together in a positive way.

Although a blow out of a game, I still enjoyed the camaraderie of it all. It was certainly a great way to end the weekend, even though it would have been a whole lot sweeter if my Eagles were in it! But there’s always next year! 😉

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