March 2nd, 2014 | Uncategorized

This afternoon, our U16 Elks girls team were in there last regular season game of the year with a chance to finish undefeated. This is an amazing accomplishment by itself but this would mean its the THIRD straight year in which they finish the regular season on top of the standings. Throughout the year they have improved every practice that we’ve had with them and they have taken the advice and coaching we have given and implemented them into the games. It’s been amazing for Kerri and I to look back and think about where they were when we started in September and where they are and how they are playing now. It’s amazing how teams develop over a course of a season. When it all starts, everyone doesn’t have a firm grasp on what their role on the team is and the basketball play is a bit chaotic at times. Throughout each practice and weekend games you start to see the pieces fall into place and by the end of the year you see them playing team basketball, communicating on the court, being unselfish, and most of all winning and having fun. It’s been a great season for the U16 Elks team thus far and we look to continue that success into the playoff rounds! 


On a totally different note, our University of Ulster College team is in the Semis this Tuesday against Cork so wish us luck and I’ll keep you posted!




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