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 Kubs win 38-36 over Templeogue to win the Dublin Cup!


My previous blogs have detailed our U17 Kubs girls incredible first and second round wins in the Dublin cup over the Meteors and Killester. This past weekend we played Templeogue in the final. In our games against them earlier in the season our girls had lost by a sizable margin. But if our first and second round wins taught us anything, it was that we have the work ethic and passion to beat the top teams in the league.


Earlier this year I read Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath. In this book, Gladwell argues that the classic underdog story we have become so accustom to—routing for the team less talented, with fewer resources, etc. to defeat Goliath—is more so a fantasy western society has developed. The “underdogs” prevail significantly more often than we recognize, and it is often when underdogs prepare in different ways from Goliath (great book I recommend to everyone!).


Our team has been working so hard since the beginning of the season; they do aerobics as a warm up every Saturday, have strength and conditioning sessions with Hugh 2-3 times a week, court time with Shelby and I every Thursday and Saturday and an additional session on Mondays with Mucky! This combination of pushing them to their peak, positive reinforcement, and preparation for the big day is the reason we were successful this past Sunday.


Templeogue scored the first basket of the game. Second possession Hannah swished a short corner J, and from there we steadily extended our lead to 10 with two minutes to play in the game. They made a strong attempt in the end to bring the score within one, but Laura hit a free throw for the 2-point lead and Templeogue couldn’t convert in the last few seconds.


Kubs win their first girls Cup ever!! I am so proud of everyone and all of the hard work that went into preparing for the big day. A special thank you to my dearest mother Connie for being there and taking some great pictures 🙂 


Happy days!

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