April 14th, 2014 | Uncategorized

The NCAA Tournament fields the best teams through the country to complete for a national championship. Well the ALL-Irelands does just the same thing. The best club teams in throughout the entire country of Ireland  complete to see just who the best team is. Seeing how the Ulster Elks is a small club every game we were the underdog, however, we finished 7th place overrall which is a great accomplishment.


Although we lost a couple games the girls never got down on themselves, pointed fingers at whose fault it was, or gave up on any game. I believe that was a sign of how much of a team we were. It showed off the court as well how the girls got along throughout the whole weekend.


I myself had a great time bonding with the girls and the parents that came along to support us. I learned some valuable coaching lessons over the weekend that I will always keep in mind for my future coaching career. I am definitely proud and honored to coach a great group of girls who are the 7th best team in Ireland! Look out for them next year, if they continue to work hard and stay together as a team they will do alot better then 7th place!


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