End of the Road

April 2nd, 2014 | Uncategorized

It’s scary how quickly time is flying by here in Ireland. This past weekend was my last time playing with the UL Women’s soccer team in the competitive Intervarsities, hosted this year in Dublin. It was a tough weekend and things didn’t go as well as we would have liked, but we still managed to have a fun weekend away together. From watching the movie Frozen together the night before our last match (watching Frozen and singing ‘Let It Go’ for the rest of the weekend, and the first experience at Nando’s were definitely the two highlights).


At the end of Intervarsities, I couldn’t help but feel a bit nostalgic of my last game playing with La Salle Women’s soccer. It was in the NCAA tournament, so I knew going into the game that it could possibly be my last. I cried at the end of it (of course) for a while. It marked the end of a very long, hard fought yet rewarding chapter of my life and I was more or less afraid to see it finish. Of course losing hurt, but what I think hit me the hardest was that it was the end of the road for me with playing soccer (or so I thought…); I just had no idea what was next.


I am coming into familiar territory again: it is approaching the end of a journey and I am sincerely unsure of exactly what is to come in the next chapter. Before I know it, I’ll be finishing off my Master’s classes and packing my bags. But unlike last year after the end of my soccer season, and post graduation, I’m not really scared of the unknown. My experiences have helped teach me to prepare for and embrace the unexpected.


As you never know whether you are going to go into a game and win it or lose it, you really don’t know what type of ball is going to be thrown your way in life. Abroad here in Ireland has been such an unreal experience, and even though I am not too sure where the next road leads to, I’m looking forward to the journey. That’s the thrill of it all, anyway! Until next time, readers! 

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