May 15th, 2014 | Uncategorized

Last night was the last eHoops session with the West Belfast group for myself, Kerri, and Brittney. It was definitely an emotional night! Throughout the entire night I was thinking, “Man, this is the last time I will see the boys!” I’ve grown so close to the lads over the past 5 months and it is truly hard to say good bye! Each wednesday night they came in with bright smiles on their faces ready to learn and play sports. But as we were leaving for the last time we saw some sad faces. I quickly reminded them that we will stay in touch and for them to do the same. I will miss every last one of them.

 Brittney said it best “Nothing better than a team that becomes your family!” A special thank you to everyone in the West Belfast ehoops team for letting us be apart of the family!


#HandsIn #123eHoops

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