Adjusting Abroad

August 28th, 2014 | Uncategorized

Much has happened in my first weekend in Northern Ireland. As a group, we have completed training and the “house-keeping” orders of business. Unfortunately, this meant we had to bid farewell to our 8 fellow scholars, who are located in the Republic of Ireland. We will no longer be rolling 13 deep in Belfast and attracting the predictable stares we have become accustomed to this first week. Although, as many people reminded me before I departed the States, I do fit in rather effortlessly by myself given my fair complexion.

It has been a busy first week, leaving limited to no time to work out or play basketball. As my family and friends back in the States know, I become testy when I miss a day, much less multiple days, of working out.


Surprisingly, I was able to find peace among this inner turmoil. I relaxed and embraced this opportunity to get to know my fellow scholars, as I am sure our busy schedules will make it difficult for us all to be together in the future. We did have an opportunity to play pick-up with all of the scholars at one point which was a lot of fun. It felt great to get a run in and shoot the ball and for us all to exhibit the skill which brought us here. I am looking forward to getting into a routine here in Jordanstown, beginning in part by making good use of our kitchen!

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