Sore but Sweet

August 26th, 2014 | Uncategorized

Although all 13 Scholars only had a week together, it was truly sad to see the other Scholars go down South. We had more than a few good laughs throughout training and with late nights in the dorms. On our last day, Sunday, our lovely SCL mentor Aimee took us to her home in Island McGee. She laughed as we all gawked at the amazing green farm landscape and tried to snap pictures of the cows and sheep as if we had never seen them before. We could see Scotland from the beach down the road from her house. Then we went on a hike (Cave Hill) where once on top, you could see all of Belfast and Scotland. I’m pretty positive I will never get sick of the beautiful landscapes of this country.


On Monday, Ashley and I had our first Ulster Elks basketball practice. Although different from basketball in the States, I have to admit I how was sore from the over 100 burpees we did as part of conditioning. I’m looking forward to two preseason tournaments in September and to be part of #ElkNation.


We also have been working camps all week, one in East Belfast and one closer Jordanstown. After day 1 of the camp of over 50 kids ages 4-16, I was overwhelmed. Yet on day 2, I was happily surprised to hear the kids remembering my name and nagging me to push them higher on the swings. I also got a lesson on the best sweets (candy) I must get in the Spar (7-11) from a few young lads. It’s crazy to think that a conversation about the differences in candy, or pushing kids on swings can have such a positive effect. One kid in particular was extremely introverted on Day 1 and I tried to talk to him but he wasn’t interested. On Day 2, I approached him again, complimenting his Chelsea futbol getup and he smirked. By the end of the day I couldn’t get away. It’s reassuring that even though we are overwhelmed, we really are making a positive effect, even if its for three hours at a camp, the kids are smiling or laughing and that’s a success if you ask me.

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