The Genesis of Victory for Me

August 21st, 2014 | Uncategorized

On the 11th day of August I landed in the capital city of Dublin, Ireland.  With my kin, I explored the historic Dublin such as St. Patrick Cathedral and the monumental Guinness Factory.  Next, I travelled west towards Galway.  Along the motorway I was mesmerised by the overwhelmingly radiant green countryside, and the distinct handmade stone walls that line each property.  Throughouy my exploration of the Cliffs of Moher and Kylemore Abbey, the age of the Emerald Isle appeared to me.  The strata and layers of rock gave me an insight of how much further Ireland goes back in the history books than the United States.  Ireland is thousands of years older than my home country.  I also realized how much I can learn from the wisdom of a culture that has existed countless centuries before my home. In the States, everything is constantly expanding, developing, and updating, which is nice but at the same time takes away from the history of the country. Contrary to this, the Irish understand the natural beauty and preserve the pristine landscape.


Initium Novum


Made my way across the pond                               

Met new friends and built a bond                               

It opened my eyes, changed my view

Inspired growth, and gave me a clue      

Somewhere down the road I’ll find my way          

make a difference, then perhaps … I’ll stay 


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