The Irish Brown Couch

August 21st, 2014 | Uncategorized

As the days ticked by and my departure date got closer and closer, it suddenly hit me that I would not be able to spend my Sundays on my brown couch. This slowly became the thing I was going to miss most about home (sorry mom and dad!). 


Now, let me briefly describe the brown couch, what I like to call the BC (BEE-see). Picture the softest, comfiest, most inviting couch you have ever sat on, and then multiply it by 10. I may sound obsessive, but if you ever get the chance come visit me in Boston next year and take a seat, you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about. 


You can probably tell I was torn up about missing my BC. When I was invited to the Maguire’s home to watch a movie the second night of training in Belfast, I was overjoyed to be greated by a brown couch. This IBC (Irish brown couch) is very comparable to my couch at home, so everyone who was worried about it can take a deep breath. I will be okay!


As delighted as I was to find a new brown couch, I was even happier to be greeted so warmly by eveyone here. The Sport Changes Life staff have been incredibly welcoming. We went right up to Belfast for training to learn all about coaching and the SCL foundation. We were able to partcipate in an EHOOPS session on Wednesday night. It was great to meet some of the kids and see what they were all about! It has been really fun to get to know all the Scholars and exciting to know that we have the chance to inspire so many young kids this year.


Because of the hospitality I have experienced so far, I feel as if I have not skipped a beat through my move to Ireland. As much as I miss my family, I have been inducted into a larger one, and I am happy to say we all play for the Sport Changes Life team. I am looking forward to seeing what this year has in store for me and settling into my studies at Trinity College.


With the backing of my new brown couch and family, I am ready to fully jump in and spread #VICTORY! Let’s get this year started!


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