A Crusader Situation

September 18th, 2014 | Uncategorized

 Before I left for Ireland, my college coach told me there was a Holy Cross Women’s Basketball (HCWBB) alumna living in Dublin. Obviously, we had to meet each other to discuss the glory days living on the hill, which consisted of trying to avoid all stairs/hills by taking the elevators through campus, rushing to chicken parm night at Kimball after practice, hanging out on Easy Street, Caro and Boyden (specifically 4), and most importantly being a member of HCWBB.  Coach Gibbons told me he would send her my email so we could meet up.


This is where it gets good. I was walking into training (aka practice) last Tuesday and knew our new assistant coach was coming. She walked in and was introducing herself when she saw my Holy Cross long sleeve I was wearing (REPRESENT), there was some, “wait Holy Cross in Worcester?” “are you…” “wait are you..” I’m sure you can guess where it goes from here, but my new assistant coach was Eileen Bradley, the same Eileen Bradley that Coach Gibbons had told me about! I was so excited because she would understand why I shout “Shuumba” or “Shoot the piano man” if I miss a shot, why I always tell myself to “bank it up high CG,” where no man’s land is on the court, and why I may yell out “Here we go purp!” at any time during practice.


Anyway, Eileen has been an awesome coach so far and I am really enjoying playing with the Meteors. We have our first preseason tournament this weekend! It will be weird not being in purple, but I am excited to be wearing green (I think it brings out my eyes lol)! Everything is almost in full swing over here, my classes start Monday, basketball has been ongoing, and coaching is starting to get into full swing! I’d like to report to all my fans–so far, so good! This sounds cliché, but I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for me or what the candy store around the corner has inside it! I will keep you posted so keep up with my blogs!

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