Basketball.. basketball.. and more basketball!

September 22nd, 2014 | Uncategorized

So right now, I’m currently playing for the UL College Basketball Senior Varsity team as well as the UL Huskies SuperLeague team!


It may be a little confusing, but the UL College Basketball Club essentially is made up of two different teams – the Senior Varsity team and the Fresher (freshman) team. Both teams can only be made up of current students at the University of Limerick, and I’m helping coach the Fresher team as well!


The UL Huskies SuperLeague team can be comprised of anyone who tries out and makes the team – they don’t have to be a student at the university to play for the SuperLeague (Premier League) team.


Ok, enough of the definitions. Let me just say that UL Basketball is awesome in general! Since day one, I’ve been accepted into the fold as one of their own from all sides. Everyone is always asking how I’m adjusting to life in Ireland, alerting me to cultural events within the city, and volunteering to help with anything that I need!


My weekly Saturday morning coaching sessions with the 18u, 14u, and 12u UL Huskies Club teams are automatically highlights to my already great week filled with basketball. The early Saturday mornings remind me of my own start to basketball (thanks to my parents for taking me to all of those early morning Saturday practices and games). The girls never cease to keep me on my toes throughout the training sessions!


This weekend I was even able to check out some of the men’s SuperLeague preseason action as the annual Stuart Robbins Memorial Tournament was played at the UL Sports Arena after (and during) our Saturday morning training sessions. I was able to check out and support the local UL Eagles men’s team, as well as watch a couple USA Select teams also playing in the tournament. Talking with one of the players from the USA Select team had me reflecting on how overseas basketball is a huge opportunity and dream for anyone who works hard enough. Many of the players on the team didn’t attend big D1 universities back in the states – they were simply just trying to find their one shot to keep playing the sport they love for as long as possible. I was even able to plug in and share information about Sport Changes Life to a couple of the players (bonus points for me!)


Also on the bright side, our SuperLeague game schedule is starting up very soon! Can’t wait to have our season start up to show Ireland what the UL Huskies can do!

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