Friendships Forming

September 8th, 2014 | Uncategorized

After three weeks, I’m happy and surprised to say that I can no longer count my friends on two hands. Not only is everyone in SCL already great friends, the five UUJ scholars are bonding hard. Late nights playing cards games like rummy, and some good old fashion conversations without any television have gotten us feeling like besties. Ronnie is still a little upset about losing in rummy and claims the scorekeeper Ashley counted wrong. If you ask me, sounds like we may be up for a rematch. 


The Elk’s club team, #ElkNation, has also taken us under their wing. From letting us know the happening tourist spots in Belfast, to inviting us to a Birthday party everyone is welcoming us with arms wide open. Our beloved Elk’s coach, Stephen, has even put up with me and Ashley on a shopping adventure to the Abbeycenter as well as listening to us complain every inch of the hike to the top of Cave Hill. 


Friendships are forming and I couldn’t be more excited for the campus to finally fill with fellow students. Orientation is coming up and I know we are going to meet so many different people around campus as well as in our Master’s programs. Can’t wait to find out my class schedule in the coming week! 

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