How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

September 22nd, 2014 | Uncategorized

What happens when you put a Biology pre-med major into a business masters program? If you know the answer to this “riddle” please let me know because I am not quite sure. That being said, I had my first day of class today and it went great! The way we take our classes at Trinity is different than anything I have ever experienced before. We have one “module” for 2 weeks MWF for 4 hours and then it’s over, with a final exam in December. This means that I have to save all that information for a loooong time in my brain, which also means study guides on study guides on study guides! Not to toot my own horn but I have become the queen (self appointed) of study guides after my 4 years of college (toot toot) (shout out to Kelly Hamner who will attest to this).


The first module I am taking is Marketing Management. I walked into class this morning and instantly liked the professor because she said the word “url” instead of saying out the letters U-R-L for a website and I found this hilarious. The first thing she asked us to do was write our names on a name tag as well as a business we would like to either work for or own. Any guesses to which one I picked? It was Costco. Duh. I think this is my dream business. I could spend days inside Costco. And what a simple business plan, it’s basically a warehouse full of awesome food and they give out free samples! Flawless if you ask me, and I’m not even going to mention their pizza.


Anyway, class went well and I was laughing the majority of the time because my professor was so appalled at herself that she was wearing the same dress as in the YouTube video she showed us of herself teaching. I could have made her feel better and told her I have about 3 outfits that simply rotate every 3 days. Oh and speaking of outfits, I have to actually wear real person clothes to class here! Anyone who knows me from class at home would know it was a once a semester thing (if that) for me to wear anything but sweats. So I am channeling my inner fashionista and crushing the real clothes. But don’t worry too much, I sprint back to my apartment after class to change into my sweats.


Now, back to the “riddle” at the top. I will be sure to let you know the answer to it as classes continue and I learn how to succeed in business without really trying (that’s on my “To See” list for Broadway shows by the way and spoiler I am going to try really hard).


P.S. Official Ed (the nickname of my younger sister) countdown starts today: 19 days

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