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September 15th, 2014 | Uncategorized

I’m currently pursuing my Master’s of Science in International Business – and the first week of classes were great to say the least. I’m excited to get to know my professors and classmates even better – and I’m even starting to get excited about writing my dissertation for the year (kinda). I know it’s only the first week though, so I’m anticipating a lot more to come in the next weeks!


I’m starting to finally get into a nice groove surrounded by my class schedule, workout/practice schedule, and coaching schedule with UL on the weekends. After this weekend’s practice I felt even more comfortable working with the 18u, 14u, and 12u girls teams and I can’t wait until the matches start up to see how our girls will do!


I was even greeted with a nice surprise after coaching practice on Saturday – Toni, one of the moms and managers for the UL Huskies Club, had helped me find a second hand bike! Limerick is about three times bigger than Elon, and my daily treks to and from the Arena were starting to take a toll on me (not to mention the weekly excursions to the grocery store). I’ve never been so excited about a bike before – I may have to take it out to the river trails and get reacquainted with riding again since it’s been years since I’ve consistently ridden a bike! (currently flashing back to the good ol’ days of riding bikes and scooters around the neighborhood).


To finish the weekend off, Jon and I went back into the city to explore a wee bit more. We ventured over to King’s Island, which includes several historic areas and churches – complete with King John’s Castle! It’s amazing to see how far back and how the historic sites are so well taken care of and preserved.


Last but certainly not least, I’d like to wish my dad a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY all the way from Limerick, Ireland! My parents are also celebrating their wedding anniversary this week! (I figured a picture of us Facetiming would be appropriate for this post but my mom didn’t quite agree… so instead I had to settle for a picture of us taken before my flight).


P.S. Check out my Facebook page for loads of pictures from the past month in Ireland!

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