Intro to my course…

September 23rd, 2014 | Uncategorized

This week I had induction for my course: MSc. in International Management. It was a three – day induction and orientation to Trinity’s campus, as well as an informative session to our core and optional course modules. The last two days were dedicated to get to know ourselves and our classmates through personality tests and activities.


There are about 35 students in the program from 19 different countries! We have quite a few Germans, Chinese and French students, one from India, Spain, and a couple from Italy. I am the only American! One girl is from Calabria, Italy – in the town of Reggio where I have relatives! I couldn’t believe it; I was in such disbelief at the odds of having an Italian in the group, let alone from the same town where my relatives still live today. I am planning to travel here to meet them as my sister, cousin and aunt have in the past.


The rest of induction went through a variety of personality tests such as the Myers Brigg’s and Belbin Team Role evaluation.


This testing taught me about myself in considering why and how I work at my best, and more importantly how to work and understand my classmates! From our physical actions, to verbal and non-verbal communications, we discovered differences due to the variety of cultural backgrounds we hold. I am looking forward to working with and getting to know each member of this group over the course of the year!

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