Peanut butter addictions…

September 14th, 2014 | Uncategorized

 When you go into your regular gas station (AKA pedal station) you find rows, shelves, stacks and any other organizational fixture filled with candy, chips, ice cream etc. Literally filled. This was a surprise to me when I was looking for a classic protein bar that I could quickly pick up to refuel myself after a work out, but they were nowhere to be found! At this moment I had figured out where the kids got their extra super crazy energy from here!


I haven’t talked much about the Irish food-culture in my blogs, (surprising due to my love of food) but I have now found a significant enough reason to bring an issue literally to the table, or to the spoon…or finger, and that is my love for peanut butter. I did not realize how much I loved peanut butter until my college days when my roommates and I introduced ourselves to the grilled P&J, had morning peanut butter and apple or bananas before early morning practice, mixed it in our oatmeal, and with nutella (which we only allowed ourselves to have once in a while), and pretty much anything else that we made available to us.


My shock of the Irish disgust of my beloved and sacred additive/main meal at times came while Christine and I were coaching a girls group last Saturday at Kubs Club. During a break I pulled out my small container (Christine’s sister, Maddy will hopefully be bringing over large containers when she visits! ..YES) of crunchy peanut butter and spoon out of my bag as I do on the daily, and began putting it on my apple. Immediately as Christine and I are passing it back and forth the looks of disbelief and disgust cross the 13 year old girl’s faces! They could not believe we were eating this repulsive paste! And with apples?! No way. They couldn’t handle the smell…oh the food peer pressure; I remember those days when it was only cool to eat Scooby Doo Gogurt instead of regular yogurt. Even though they think eating peanut butter let alone having a minor addiction is unheard of, we have gratefully accepted their bags of bacon chips and the classic Irish Breakfast!

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