Seeing the Large Picture

September 8th, 2014 | Uncategorized

Challenge – I challenge myself routinely to be the change I want to see in the world. From when my mom grounded me from play Playstation2 to losing my last collegiate basketball game, I challenged myself to smile. I know that everything could be a lot worst and I truly believe the gift of life is the ultimate gift.

This past weekend I was able to use this amazing gift that SCL has giving me to visit Dublin for the weekend. I was able to catch up with Victory Scholars Jen Morabito and Christine Ganser as well as last year’s scholar Katie Ganser. It was an amazing time as we went cliff diving (don’t ask me why we would jump in water that had to be the same temperature as when the Titanic sank), took in some of the downtown Dublin artists, and had downtime to just relax and chat about our experiences so far. As we explored it was hard for me to ignore the high percentage of homeless people in the city of Dublin.

I constantly fretted over the fact on what to do and I got stuck in my head on how it could be unfair to give one something and not the other. I wrestled in my mind about what could be done with this and then it finally hit me. By being the change you want to see maybe the next person will take the lead and help out in a manner you did. There will never be a cure for every problem in the world, but they can be minimized to a certain extent. I know why I reside in Ireland for the next 10 months. I want to inspire youth through basketball as well as build relationships and be a positive role model for teens. That when somebody tells you no and that you are not good enough. All you have to do to prove them wrong is to show them your true quality.

I truly believe life is an amazing gift and that the world is a better place when we take the time to help others in any way we can, small or big.

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