Weekend Adventures

September 30th, 2014 | Uncategorized

Weekends in Limerick are a great chance to explore the surrounding city and the cultural events it has to offer. Starting on Friday night, we headed to the weekly (and famous) International Night held at Stables Bar on campus. Every Friday serves as a night to meet other international students attending the University of Limerick (as there are over 2500 here this semester)! The International Society at UL does a great job bringing the international students together with various events, parties, socials, and trips around the country.


Saturday night we discovered the Limerick Jazz Festival downtown at Dolan’s Pub and Warehouse. It was a great way to see a different part of Limerick City and also hear some awesome music! I personally love hearing and seeing live music performed – just to see the passion on the musicians’ faces. Their talent was unmatched and it felt like the jazz band had been playing together for years. Little did we know – one of the main saxophonists was playing with the band for his first time ever!


On Sunday, Jon and I joined a group of students on a tourist bus trip to the neighboring town of Kilkee, one of the most popular vacation spots in the Western part of Ireland. Standing atop the cliffs over the beautiful Atlantic Ocean has definitely been one of my favorite highlights from my first month in Ireland, and it gave me a chance to take some great pictures in the process!

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