When I was 4 years old…

September 2nd, 2014 | Uncategorized

When I was 4 years old I went to “Safety Town” where one of the things us ‘lil tikes learned was how to cross the street safely. Before crossing, we were to look for oncoming cars as we said the words “left, right, left, behind” aloud before crossing the imaginary streets set up for us. Needless to say, these words are still imbedded into my head. And good thing they still are…


Now, coming over to Europe, I was fully aware that you drive on the opposite side of the street. Therefore, when crossing the street you have to look the other way for the oncoming cars. Pretty self-explanatory, eh? (shout out to my Canisius Canadian roommates with the “eh”!). This sounds quite simple as I see it typed out- and now considering to lay down the backspace key because anyone reading this is most likely in disbelief that I am a Masters student… Well, anyways, if I must put Christine under the bus with me, which I must, we are finding this task quite the struggle as we cross the many busy streets of Dublin..all while on our daily adventures and NOT getting ourselves lost!  Then not to mention half of the streets are one-ways, so when we think we’ve got it right – or left – we just end up being wrong.


Needless to say, on our explorations these past few days we have been finding our way to wherever the path is meant to take us! There’s no better way to go about explorations than taking in the great vibe of the street performers, stopping in local pubs to watch the Gaelic football games and learning how to/taking the bus to whatever stop seems our best bet!


I am pumped to be here in Dublin where I will be meeting my new club team the Oblate Dynamos, as well the Trinity College team; to begin working at schools in the area as well as coaching for the girls Kubs club. Next week I start a few preliminary courses and then come orientation and moving into the new apartment on campus! So much to look forward to in these next weeks…and months 🙂


But, still remembering that the most important lesson of the week is that when in doubt of the direction of the two story busses or small little zooming cars in traffic, it’s always safe to look left, right, left, and behind! I am still a bit confused why you look behind…maybe I’ll just stick to “follow the leader” instead..

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