Great Day of Coaching

October 31st, 2014 | Uncategorized

This past week I was able to coach a different group of kids up in Castlecomer which was very exciting. I have been really busy coaching my Freshers team and trying to get them ready for our tournament at the end of November in addition to coaching my other teams so it was great being able to go up there and work with a different group.


The group of kids were beyond excited to see Patrick and myself walk into the gym. This time we got to spend all morning and afternoon with the same group which was great because I was able to interact more and get to know the lads. As always, before the session even started I was asked a ton of questions which I always enjoy answering for the kids. Besides doing all of stations with kids which included shooting, passing, dribbling etc., Patrick, Martin (Kojack) and I had a little half court shooting competitions during their lunch break which the kids got a kick out of! And they all especially loved it when Patrick did some slam dunks since most of them have never seen anyone do it in person before. I would have to say that the best part of the camp was after we all took a group photo together, the group asked Patrick and I if we could come back and coach them again. It was great knowing that they enjoy working with us and I am really looking forward to going back and coaching them again!


Victory Scholar: Jessica Koci

Sport League: Atlantic 10

Present University: Institute of Technology Carlow

Alma Mater: La Salle University

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