“Hanging” out at Kubs!

October 14th, 2014 | Uncategorized

In my masters program, I’m taking all sorts of culture and internationally scoped classes. Learning that organizational culture is seen as the single greatest driver in long-term organizational performance, (referenced from someone important I should know…) I have been very scholarly in noticing this aspect more around me.


            The culture at Kubs Basketball Club (where Christine and I coach) includes a great amount of family orientation and consistency with their involvement. During the Friday through Sundays that Christine and I are with both young boys and girls groups, no matter who has training or a game that day, the others will be keeping score or on the sidelines supporting. At the girl’s game on Saturday, there was a 12-year-old boy who we see just about every day of every weekend. He loves to go on the court in-between drills or during time outs of a game and show off his dribbling skills…soccer, acrobatic, and on this particular day we witnessed his fearless climbing and hanging skills.


            One of our friends was visiting the club and did not know how talented (AKA daring and wild) this little boy was when our friend lifted him up to try and dunk. He hung on the rim showing off his muscles doing pull – ups for us, and was annoyed by his close spotters that according to him, he obviously did not need!

Before anyone knew it, the little bugger had squirmed up and taken a seat on the rim. He loved our reactions of both slight terror and worry, yet our enjoyment as we laughed at our free entertainment.


            Needless to say, safety comes first here at Sport Changes Life and our friend eventually bribed him to get down. The kids love to (literally) hang around the Kubs gym because it is a positive environment where kid’s individual abilities are discovered, and challenged for improvement in all areas. They learn how to work with others on a team, and have fun in this safe and supportive environment.

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