October 7th, 2014 | Uncategorized

I owe my parents money. I owe Davidson money. And my wee brother Drew has always told me I owe him money, regardless of the time or situation. Often times I give in and will accept this false reality he creates, but I guess that is why he is majoring in business and I chose psychology.

At Davidson College, we had a remarkable Honor Code that established a way of life on campus, and an innate honesty among all students, faculty, and staff. If someone found money on the ground, they would often post it on the nearest bulletin board with a note.
On the rare occasion that I forgot my wallet when trying to purchase a meal on campus, I would run and get it before leaving with the sandwich or snack I was trying to buy. They knew they could trust me to return the money I owed.

A few weeks ago, Ashley, Khalid, Caroline and I walked a mile and a half down the road to Tesco Express, and on the way we noticed a produce shop. I decided to pick up some items there on the way back. As I checked out, however, I realized I had used all of my cash at Tesco and had no way of buying the produce now. The women at the register surprised me by simply writing the total on a piece of paper and saying to just pay it next time.

The same situation occurred at the campus shop, and again I was trusted on my honor to return to the store with the amount I owed. And each time they assured me that I didn’t have to do it today, or even tomorrow, rather they trusted that I would repay my debts at my convenience. Like a Lannister, I always repay my debts (Game of Thrones), but it is refreshing to have people instill an almost unwarranted level of trust in humanity.

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