Loser with the suitcase…

October 17th, 2014 | Uncategorized

Living at Trinity, we are surrounded by all sorts of shops, restaurants, supermarkets, street performers, coffee shops and pubs. Whenever I get the chance to go walking around, stopping in shops, or sitting in a different coffee shop, I take it because I am guaranteed to find something new to catch my interest.


On my discoveries I found an entire street of farmer’s markets that’s about a 7-minute walk from campus. This happens to be right next to the bargain grocery store called Lidl. My first time around doing the groceries, I took by big book bag with two large carrying bags for each arm. Considering how much food I consume on a weekly basis and how much I regretted not keeping up with my lifting schedule from college, I slightly struggled on my walk back to my room. Slightly. I was sore the next few days and needed to find a better way of taking this expedition.


The next week I became the girl who rolled around her suitcase through the store using it as a grocery cart. I strategized my shopping with the heavy non-destructible items going in first at the bottom, and the fluffy loaf of bread going in last. I got the frequent odd stare as I zipped my suitcase open and close in the middle of the isle, but it was fine with me!


As you can see, we are adapting and finding our way pretty well here. We cook massive amounts of food and store them in Tupperware, (my Buffalo roommates can account for my love of Tupperware from our bulging / avalanche of a top cabinet) and eat it throughout the week. We have been sticking to pasta, brown rice, chicken, eggs and spinach. And peanut butter. Christine just made sweet potato fries, which happen to be my favorite!…and I snuck a few extra off the pan while she wasn’t looking…shhh!


My parents are coming in 5 days….

I’m slightly excited.

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