My First Irish Birthday :)

October 14th, 2014 | Uncategorized

This week I turned 24! It’s my favorite number but for some reason I still can’t shake the feeling that the retirement home is right around the corner. I wasn’t sure how or if I was going to be able to celebrate, but in the end it was all handled for me.  Everyone at Sport Changes Life reached out to me in one way or another, even making special posts on social media and giving me cards, cake, and balloons. My roommates all made me feel special by taking me out to town to celebrate, and even baked me some nice wee princess cupcakes to eat when I returned from class earlier in the day.


I got plenty of messages from friends and family back home as well. My family bought a cake and had a whole party in my honor, even facetiming me to sing happy birthday while my niece blew out the candles for me. It was nice to hear from everyone in America but it was even nicer to feel such at home here on a day that I’ve never spent outside my country before.


Even a few days past my birthday, the Maguire’s invited me over and surprised me by bringing out a cake and singing happy birthday to me.  It’s adorable that at the end of the song they say “hip hip, hooray!” three times in this country. :p Even though I’m not really one to make a huge deal out of birthdays, the way that my SCL family here made it feel so important was a gesture that meant a lot to me. I feel as though I really do have an extended family within the organization. Thanks everyone! 



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