Preseason CHAMPS!

October 1st, 2014 | Uncategorized

My humbling reminder of my love for the game and team pride. I left the final Championship game at the preseason tournament in IT Carlow with nothing but enjoyment and satisfaction.

In my “basketball lifespan”, I have played in pick up games at the park with the boys, pushed through four preseasons of conditionings in college, lost hundreds of games of horse against my dad, played dribble tag at summer camps and sat on the bench with injuries feeling like the world had ended. No matter what was going on in my daily life, basketball was always a factor, and it’s easy to forget how much I actually love playing.

Sunday I was reminded of this love more than I ever have been before. Being able to laugh on the court again – like literally laughing and being myself (people probably thought I was crazy) was gratifying. Anyone who has played in college knows the struggle and rewards, knows the work, dedication and sacrifices on any and every level.

After making it through the semi’s Sunday afternoon, the indomitable Dynamos (yes, us) geared back up 25 minutes after the final horn for the Championship vs. NUI Galway. We elevated our feet, changed our socks, I stuffed in a banana and p&j sandwich and got back on the floor…and we were animals!!  (If you can’t tell, I’m loving the grind here!) The games are dirty, high-speed…dirty, and, you’ve got to have that grit (CCWBB) if you want to win! And we did. Down 10 starting the second half, we fought through/with the flying elbows, hustle plays, key shots and had a little bit of determination. Our fans were rumbling the gym and we decided there was no letting down.

None of my family or friends were there to see the game, and there was no video taken to capture it. It was like choosing to leave my camera behind (that one time in Italy) because there is no proof needed; the greatness of the event or place in time is only meant for the ones who were there and experienced it.

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