Real Ireland Weather is Here

October 19th, 2014 | Uncategorized

Before I came to Ireland, everyone kept telling me get used to the cold and rain all the time because you can very well experience all 4 seasons in one day.  So I was a little worried as I’m not a huge fan of the cold, especially combined with rain. However, my first month and half here, it was pretty warm, sunny, and just a few drizzles here and there. And probably for the first week there was no rain.  I started to think and hope maybe people were just messing with me and it would stay this nice all year, but all my friends in Ireland reassured me that it will get cold and rain. And sure enough, it did. The past few weeks it’s been windy, cold, and lots of rain! But it’s tricky. I’ll walk to class in the morning and it will be sunny and fairly warm outside and I’ll be sweating while walking to class and then 3 hours later it will be freezing cold and pouring rain outside. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve failed to wear a raincoat or bring an umbrella with me and then gotten stuck in the rain. So I learned quickly and now I don’t take any chances. I wear a raincoat or bring an umbrella EVERYWHERE! I’ve gotten a few strange looks when I wear my raincoat when its sunny out, but I’m not risking it. So people can just get used to it! Little tip to visitors and foreigners: weather is crazy so carry an umbrella with you at all times if you don’t want to get wet. Now, I can definitely attest to the fact that you can and will experience all 4 seasons in one day! However, on the bright side, you get to see lots and lots of rainbows, and I mean who doesn’t like a good rainbow 🙂


Victory Scholar: Nicole Krusen

Sport League: PATRIOT League

Present University: National University of Ireland Galway

Alma Mater: Loyola College


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