What Sport Changes Life Really Means

October 8th, 2014 | Uncategorized

We are all Victory Scholars, understandably here to transform, invigorate, and inspire lives through sport. So with every training session, match, workout, tutoring session, etc., the focus is on the transaction between the changer (Victory Scholar) and the changed (person whose life is positively affected through sport).

A great deal of the time this is indeed the case. I mean, it is precisely the reason that we are all in Ireland: to inject positivity and inspiration into lives, using sport as the primary vehicle of change. But what I am increasingly noticing is how much I am being changed. I played my first match today with UL Men’s Soccer and my first match this weekend with Hillceltic FC, and in my head I am still Jonathan Nelson, Victory Scholar.

So I am meant to be the example, the one who is an inspiration for a change in life, right? Wrong. The name of the game is SPORT CHANGES LIFE. Not, Victory Scholar Changes Life. Therefore, inherently, the sport is the matter of importance. The sport is what changes all who are involved, and sport is in no way selective. I find myself smiling a bit more. I find myself smiling a lot more. I find myself removing inhibitions, letting go of the fear of being judged, and embracing the uncertain and uncomfortable. And to my pleasure, the warmth of those who are in my sporting environment has reassured me every single step of the way. The relationships I am building are unexplainable, in that I feel such a sense of genuine sincerity all around me.

The vibrations are just plain good. Maybe I am feeling a reflection of my own positivity, maybe I just love being social and am thriving, or maybe sport really is changing lives on both sides of the bridge. #SportChangesLives

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