Change is not always Bad

November 10th, 2014 | Uncategorized

Hey y’all, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to blog, so my apologies. School, ball, coaching, and training has gotten the best of me, but its cool because I have been enjoying every minute of it…even school surprisingly!


I haven’t really blogged about college since I been here in Ireland, so I thought I would “give it a go” because it has been an extremely awesome experience! I am so glad that I got placed at NUIG to do my graduate degree because this school has been a great fit for me so far. I was thinking the other day about my undergraduate school (Belmont Abbey) versus my current graduate school here in Ireland (NUIG) and how fortunate I was to get the opportunity to experience both a bigger and smaller college environment throughout my studies in college.


For those who don’t know much about Belmont Abbey, it’s a quite small school located in Charlotte, NC with only approximately 2,000 students enrolled. Being at a small school I always felt that it would benefit me based on the type of personality I had. Coming out of high school I gave up going to some bigger schools because I wanted to attend a smaller school where I felt I could get a better sense of community and unity. At the end of my four years at Belmont Abbey having this personal connection did seem to be a key factor that led to my successes at Belmont Abbey, so I am very thankful for it.


But on the other hand, now I’m at a very different school in terms of size. NUIG is one of the biggest schools in the country with close to 20,000 students, and I’m just one of many. Before I got here I was a little nervous about attending because I never attended a big school (which I’ve always told myself I wanted to do after being at Belmont Abbey). After a few weeks of being at NUIG I realized that being here has been a huge benefit for me because it has helped me develop, not only academically, but as a person. I can truly say that now I am a much more of a well-rounded person than before I got here. It has also put in the position where I have had to come out of my inner shell and open up to different people, places, and things. In the beginning I doubted whether or not this would be a good change for me personally, but now I have realized that this change was the best outcome for me!


Victory Scholar: Darryl Durham

Sport League: Conference Carolinas

Present University: National University of Ireland Galway

Alma Mater: Belmont Abbey College

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