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Christine’s sister Katie lives with another American, Mai-Thy (Mighty) who is going back home to the states next week. She also coaches basketball here and I’ve had the chance to spend some time with her at the famous (by our books) Jimmy Chung’s Chinese Buffet as well as other nights, and she is nothing less than hilarious to be around.


The “Friendsgiving” dinner was held on Wednesday night to combine our Thanksgiving-of-friends…awwwwh and Mai-Thy leaving. It was a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and most importantly the sweet potato casserole / brown sugar heaven dish prepared by Christine and I (partially). It was made with three large sweet potatoes and a doubled batch of the brown sugar-butter-nut topping. It was basically dessert and was more or less, the hottest item on the table. I prepared the napkins as my sister and I always do for the holidays, and I taught Christine the folding technique as well so she could help. 🙂


This upcoming Thursday- the actual Thanksgiving, all the scholars will be heading up to Belfast for dinner and a night together! It will be a good break for us from our studies to relax and be together. In the first two weeks of training we were together constantly, and since we’ve been at our own separate cities, we haven’t had a chance to all be together again.


As for school, I’m happy to say I have officially handed in my last final project, and can take a few breaths before preparing for exams starting next Friday! Wahoo! Grading here usually depends on your final exam and final projects in classes, so crunch time has officially begun.


It is crazy to think that our time here is just about half way over. The classmates we have gotten to know and kids in the community we’ve worked with and spent time with have been amazing. I am lucky to have a great team at the Oblates, who is quickly becoming an extended family of mine. This next weekend we play Jess at Carlow, (OoOOoo) so I’m looking forward to how this will play out! Stay tuned. 


Victory Scholar: Jennifer Morabito

Sport League: MAAC League

Present University: Trinity College Dublin

Alma Mater: Canisus College

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