Giving Thanks

November 27th, 2014 | Uncategorized

All of my life, I have been thankful for my friends and family. Now, I feel that sentiment more than ever. Spending my first Thanksgiving away from my family and friends back home has helped me to understand that being thankful is more of a consistent perspective. It is most powerful when applied as an unchangeable attitude, rather than a seasonal trend.


Like I have said before, this journey that I am on has led me to meet so many different kinds of people, all broadening my perspective in one way or another. This is what I can be thankful for. Those who I can and will always call my family and friends have given me a framework to work with. They have provided the ideals and values that I refer to; they have given me the tools and the structure to develop my outlook.


That I will always be thankful for. What is on the horizon is the prospect of broadening this structure and utilizing these tools in constructive ways. The only way that I will ever learn to do this is by demonstrating a genuine and gracious gratefulness for all those with whom I cross paths. These are the people that I can now learn from in the present, and these people and their experiences are what will make this journey something life changing.


At some point you realize that you have to be thankful for it all in one way or another, the good and the bad. As bad as things can get, some of the most promising and invaluable lessons and insights would have never arisen without this adversity. As good as things can be, these are always opportunities to learn. So this Thanksgiving I am thankful for all that I have always been thankful for: the support of friends, family, and every single person who has always had my best interest in mind. But furthermore, I am thankful for opportunity. First the opportunity to learn, and ultimately the opportunity to grow. If I get up and can breathe every morning, then who or what is really holding me back? 


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