It’s a Small World After All

November 12th, 2014 | Uncategorized

First off, I am a firm believer in that relationships form the basis of our lives. The friendships and relationships that I’ve built up over time have added so much laughter and happiness to my life – leading me to place a high value on just about every relationship that I’ve made, especially in recent years.


Basketball (and sport in general) offers a great place to build lasting relationships with people you otherwise may not have gotten the chance to know.


In the past month, I’ve had the chance to see two people from the United States that I’ve met from the sport of basketball – and both of them are currently playing basketball in Ireland! Preston Ross currently plays in the Irish Men’s Premier League for UCD Marian. He is also from North Carolina, and we’ve known each other since our senior years in high school just from basketball! Imagine my surprise when we both end up playing basketball in Ireland.


The second person I’ve had the chance to run into was actually one of my conference opponents from college. Rachel Brittenham played for Wofford College, one of our rival schools within our conference (Southern Conference), and I played against her for three years. Little did I know, we’d also be playing against each other once again in Ireland! She currently plays for the DCU Mercy within the SuperLeague as well.


One thing I’ve learned within these past couple weeks is that no matter how far you travel, it’s always great to see a familiar person from home. The relationships and people you meet over time still hold a place in your heart, just like I know every person I’ve met so far in Ireland will hold a special place in my heart! As I’ve gotten the chance to make more relationships and friendships in Ireland, I’ve realized that “home” can have a constantly changing definition… aka “home is where the heart is!”


Special shout out to my teammates on the UL Huskies squad and UL College team – especially to Lorna, Gillian, and Orla who admitted they are regular readers of my blog! : )


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