Much to be thankful for

November 26th, 2014 | Uncategorized

As I was walking to class the other day, a quote spray painted on the side of a building really caught my attention.  It read “never look down on someone unless you’re helping them up”.   As I continued my way to class, I found myself thinking about the message that the artist was trying to convey. When I got to class I found myself jotting it down on the front page of my notebook.  As the teacher started the lecture, I began to daydream….not usual for such a perfect student like myself-wink wink…..  I found myself thinking again about the quote on the building.  Being a basketball player all my life, my initial thought on helping someone up was extending a hand to another player who may have been fouled and hit the floor.  I continued to ponder the meaning and began to realize that it was much deeper than a helping hand on the court.  I realized that in life, no one has the right to look down upon anyone else.  It doesn’t matter, how smart, rich, educated, beautiful, etc., someone may be…. everyone is created equal.  In most cases it is simply chance that creates ones circumstance.  I started thinking…maybe one day I would be fortunate enough to help someone up.  Later that day I headed to Supermacs for a bite to eat.  As I walked out the door going home to enjoy the meal I purchased, a homeless man approached me asking for money.  Being the typical poor college student that I am, I couldn’t quite afford to offer him the few dollars I had left in my pocket for the week, but I did what I could and offered him part of my meal.  At that moment, I was simply sharing a meal with a stranger.  A few days later, I realized that I had been given the opportunity to help someone up instead of looking down on them.  It was a great moment!  During this holiday season, I am thinking of all the reasons that I have to be thankful for; health, sound mind, supportive family, Victory Scholar program, among many other good things in my life.   Yes, I have much to be thankful for TODAY AND EVERYDAY!


Victory Scholar: Darryl Durham

Sport League: Conference Carolinas

Present University: National University of Ireland Galway

Alma Mater: Belmont Abbey College

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